BBS Stainless Steel Made Leak-Proof Portable Thermal Lunch Box Kids

  • The Material present in Portable Bento Box is made with stainless steel + PP, stainless steel inner layer keeps food warm and plastic out layer.
  • The Leakproof Lunch Containers is with heat insulation and durable.
  • Cute Japanese Lunch Box For Kids with extended fastening design, it can close the lid and box tightly, soap and porridge won’t split out.
  • This thermal lunch box for kids is suitable for school, picnic, camping and so on. It is made of stainless steel, environmentally friendly and safety, besides, it features good heat insulation to keep the lunch warm for a long time
  • Food Container : Free assembly and disassembly. You can change the size and capacity according to your needs.



BBS Stainless Steel Made Leak-Proof Portable Thermal Lunch Box Kids

The Portable Thermal Lunch Box Kids is BPA free along with healthy as well as the eco-friendly product. After filling up the box, open the air from the vent. Press on the sealing cap and seal the stomata properly. see highlights below.

Suitable for School, Picnic, Camping, Office, Kitchen, and Home.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle – Cook Your Own Healthy Meal, Save Money For Eating Out And Also Time Saving If You Do Food Preparation For Few Days.

Safe & Reusable – By Using BPA Free And Toxic Free Materials, You Can Enjoy Your Meal Without Worry, This Lunch Box Is Designed To Be Reusable.

Take It Anywhere – Perfect For The Office, At School, Or On The Road. Easy to use and Easy to clean.


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